About Us.

Bee Engineering was formed in December 1980, in Western Australia to fill a void in maintenance and repair of machinery in the Beekeeping industry.


Within 2 years, new equipment was also being  produced. The first of the Uncapping machines were manufactured in 1982. Soon after came the Horizontal Honey Extractors  and other associated machines to form complete honey extracting plants. 


These, as well as  Uncapping  Machines  were exported across Australia, New Zealand and Europe.


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​Since 2005, Bee Engineering has changed direction by focusing only on the manufacture of Uncapping Machines and Deboxers to service these markets.


This gives us the opportunity to constantly work on improving and developing new technology for these machines which will benefit the beekeepers.


We currently manufacture 6 models of Uncapping Machines to suit many different frame sizes including Langstroth, Dadant, Zander, Lusitana , Russian, German, English and many more.


You can send us your frame dimensions and we can quote you to customise the machinery to suit your frames.

over 35 years Experience of Building Beequip Machinery 

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